About Me

Mike Kolesnikov piano teacher lessons Calgary

Meet Mike, your distinguished piano instructor with a wealth of experience.

Mike is a classically trained pianist, and has been playing piano since 5 years old. Mike holds two University degrees: Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education.

For years, Mike has dedicated his expertise to nurturing musical talents as a key member of the Calgary Board of Education.

With a profound passion for music and a rich background as a classically trained pianist, he brings a unique blend of knowledge and artistry to his teaching. Mike’s extensive journey in education has honed his ability to connect with students of all ages and skill levels, making him a trusted guide for aspiring pianists.

His commitment to fostering a love for music and nurturing individual growth sets the stage for an inspiring and rewarding learning experience. Join Mike on a harmonious exploration of piano artistry, backed by years of dedication and a profound love for teaching.

My Mission

At Mr. Piano Lessons, my mission is to inspire a lifelong love for music through exceptional piano education. I am dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment that empowers students to discover their true musical potential.

With a commitment to tailored instruction, holistic growth, and a balanced approach, I aim to instill not only technical proficiency but also a deep appreciation for the artistry of piano playing.

Through the guidance of my experienced instructors and a curriculum that spans genres and skill levels, I aspire to create confident, skilled, and passionate pianists who can create beautiful melodies that resonate with their souls and enrich the world around them.

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